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FrequentLy Asked Questions

causes of erectile dysfunction

There are many etiologies of ED including: 

     - Vascular diseases and disorders (80% of ED cases)

     - Diabetes

     - Trauma

     - Medications

     - Low testosterone

Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy is best suited for vascular ED

prevalence of Erectile dysfunction

- 52% of men suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction; that's over 30 million men!

- 57% of men who report ED are 40-60 years old

- 80% of ED goes unreported

- Mild and moderate ED is increasingly prevalent with age

            - 50% of men in their 50s

            - 60% of men in their 60s

Benefits of aPWT for Erectile Dysfuction

- Treats the condition rather than masking the symptoms

- Enhances erections

- Improves sexual performance

- Increases sensation

- Long-lasting results

- Eliminates microplaque

- Will benefit any man seeking to enhance his sexual pleasure and performance 

why not use other treatments?


Medications for ED are contraindicated for men with heart disease or on nitrates, diabetes, hypotension or uncontrolled high blood pressure, liver and kidney disease, and more. Even still, medications for impotence are ineffective for more than 30% of men! There are also many side-effects of ED medications including: headaches, flushing, visual changes such as blurred vision or light sensitivity, back pain, dizziness, congestion, and more. Suppositories, while fast acting, can be painful and may cause irritation in the urethra.



While this may be an effective option for many men, it comes with many risks including pain at the injection site and unusually long erections requiring medical attention. This type of method needs to be planned; injecting at the time of sexual activity and may only last up to an hour or less.


A very invasive solution that requires surgery which comes with risks, complications and follow-up care. Implants disturb the natural erectile anatomy, so oral drugs or injections will no longer be effective with this option.


By creating a vacuum around the penis, blood flow is forced to remain causing it to swell. This doesn't produce a natural kind of erection and needs to be removed after 30 minutes to prevent damage to blood vessels which can actually worsen ED.

Why does apwt work?

The positive results of APWT is due to these scientifically proven biological effects:

- Stimulation of microcirculation 

- Increases cell wall permeability

- Releases nitric oxide which is a molecule naturally produced by the body that relaxes the inner muscles of the blood vessels, causing them to widen and increase circulation 

- Releases growth factors ( BEG, BMP, TFG, etc.)

- Stimulation of stem cells

what is treatment frequency?

Treatments should be scheduled 7-10 days apart to be most effective

How many treatments will i need?

Most men need between 6-12 treatments. Some medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and alcoholism can affect treatment outcomes, especially if they are not controlled conditions. Other factors such as the length of time you have had ED, your age and the severity of your ED also play a role in treatment success and number of visits required.

Is treatment guaranteed?

Due to the many contributing factors to ED and due to the fact that every human's body responds to medical intervention differently, there is no guarantee of success. Studies have shown that APWT works in about 60-70% of men who have vascular ED. 

Is it billable to my insurance?

Unfortunately APWT for the treatment of erectile dysfunction it not billable to insurance at this time.   We encourage you to reach out to your insurance provider to see if treatment can be paid with your HSA (health savings account) or FSA (flexible spending account) if that is an option offered in your insurance plan.

how much does it cost?

ED Clinics of Indiana offers a 30 minute consultation with Dr. Hough for $50. If you decide to proceed with treatment this $50 is credited towards your treatment.


Payment is due at the time of service with treatments priced at $595 per session. ED Clinics of Indiana also offers two different discounted pre-pay treatment packages: a package of six treatments for $3,210 and a package of three treatments for $1,650.  ED Clinics of Indiana also offers discounted preventative and maintenance treatments after a treatment plan is completed to preserve results and optimize performance.  

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