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Dr. gregory hough

Owner and Founder of ED Clinics of Indiana

Dr. gregory hough

Owner and Founder of ED Clinics of Indiana

Dr. Hough earned a Bachelor of Science at the University of Illinois then earned his doctorate degree in Chiropractic medicine at National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, Illinois. 


For the past thirty years, Dr. Hough has practiced Chiropractic rehabilitative medicine in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Also, during this time, he has had extensive training in Functional Medicine, Neurology, nutrition and exercise physiology. 


Dr. Hough believes that maximum health can be achieved through exercise, diet, and lifestyle, and has taught and personally maintained this philosophy for his entire career. 


His interest in treating erectile dysfunction evolved from his own personal journey to maintain his own maximum health which includes sexual health.  In his personal search for answers Dr. Hough discovered Extra Corporal Shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction. This non invasive, non pharmaceutical way to restore normal sexual function, along with the above healthy lifestyle, has allowed him to continue to maintain normal sexual function. 


ED Clinics of Indiana was borne from this search.

Our Mission

ED Clinics of Indiana, LLC offers an innovative new treatment that can address erectile dysfunction by restoring full penile function for men suffering with this condition. Our aim is to revive sexual competence while healing relationships and promoting self-confidence for men of all ages and lifestyles. ED Clinics of Indiana, LLC is leading the way in treatment for erectile dysfunction throughout northern Indiana with the use of Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy.

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